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Submitted on
November 9, 2012


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F.A.Q. •
|| Introduction || Character Creation ||  Rules || FAQ ||

• Where is The Art- Project located?
    The Art-Project is in San Diego, California (of course it's not a real college''')

• Will there be uniforms?
    No, there are no uniforms and your character may be dressed however you want them. BUT PLEASE. nothing inappropriate!!

• How many characters can I make?
   You may only have ONE character. But you can have unofficial characters such as relatives.

• Can my character have a prosthesis arm, leg, etc.
   They may, however please keep away from the Sci-fi look.

• Can my character have their hair dyed a different color?
   Yes they may, just as long it's not a rainbow.

• Can I submit colored works?
   You may once you are accepted as a member, but we want everyone to mostly screentone their works

• Are our characters allowed to have pets?
   Yes, your character may, but only if they are living off of campus. Meaning no pets allowed in the dorms.

• Do our character have to live in the dorms?
   No they do not. You characters may live with their parents still or in an apartment. Living in the dorms is optional

• Will we be having roommates in the dorms?
   Yes you will be. Two in a room. You'll be allowed to pick your own roommate and if you can not find anyone you can ask the admins to assign you one.

• Can my character be over 18 or 19 and still be a freshman?
    Yes your character can~

• Is this exactly like real life?
   Not exactly. Some info is made up just for the group. Real college is probably really different''

• What are Screentone/Grayscale?
  - Screentones are what are used in comic books and Mangas. It's a technique of using shading and texture to drawings.
EXAMPLES: TBL:: Paul Intro PartTwo END by 01604

- Grayscale is pretty much coloring in drawings just without color. Instead of color you are using the ranges of shades of grey where Black is the darkest shade and white is the lightest.  
EXAMPLES: www.explore-drawing-and-painti…  APARTSHIIII- by 01604

• Can we resize the Application Sheet?
- Yes, you may as long as it's still legible.

• Is there an age limit to join the group?
- There isn't. You do not have to be in college to join the group just as long as you understand how this group will work. HOWEVER, we will NOT accept deviant members who are under the age 13. Since it's against DeviantArt Polices for ages 12 and under to join. >>…

• Can we draw traditionally?
- You may, but please make sure it's properly scanned and the work is 100% done by YOU. No tracing!!

• Can we upload Mature art?
-  Yes, you may, but please remember we may have underage members. You may post them just as long as you put up the Mature Content. If you don't we will not accept your work in the gallery.

If you have any questions please comment here and we will post the answer in this blog.
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kureha-alpha Mar 5, 2013  Student General Artist
I see the Music major and there are still 5 slots left. Will you open the mini enrollment soon?
Or can I join the English now but then I change it to the Music?
01604 Mar 5, 2013  Student General Artist
If you are just to join the music major, please be patient until we open for that major. There is no official date when each major will be open for members.
kureha-alpha Mar 5, 2013  Student General Artist
Okay. Thanks for the info!
ezxekiel Feb 9, 2013
Question! I've put this comment for the map one but maybe it's better to ask here... so I'll just copy and paste the comment :P
Do we have anything like sports facility?
It'd be kind of cool if we have like a gym and or swimming pool, etc. XD
01604 Feb 9, 2013  Student General Artist
Ah nope we don't''''
your character will have to get off campus to go to the gym :iconpapmingplz:
ezxekiel Feb 9, 2013
Oh okay! Thanks for letting us know-
ezxekiel Feb 7, 2013
So do we wait for the roommate journal to be up for us to make roomies official? :)
01604 Feb 7, 2013  Student General Artist
wah yes please~ Hopefully I'll have that up soon''
ezxekiel Feb 7, 2013
Oh okay, thanks!
gloomyuu Jan 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I got declined, but can you tell me why exactly? Because I'd like to try again later when the new enrollments open up~ (so I could do better annnd stuff)
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