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Submitted on
November 9, 2012


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|| Introduction ||   Character Creation || List of Majors || Rules || FAQ ||

Welcome to The Art Project. We are an University collecting students whose dreams are to become an artist of their choice. For years we've taught students many techniques and gave them wonderful opportunities to show themselves to the world, and to show what art means to us.  

As much as easy as it seems, it's not, with deadlines, time management, procrastination and worse of all, art block, being an Art student is a bit difficult. However we expect a lot from these students, Effort. Do not give up just because other students work may be more advanced than yours, or if you think your work is not great enough to finish. If you do that, than this university isn't for you. Here we want students to do their best in their work either it be good or bad. There will be many times where you can always improve your work and get better everyday, and to do that, don't ever give up.

We hope you'll be able to graduate and become the great artist that you are.
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